Hard core yoga

Hard Core Yoga



Chelsea has been practicing yoga since the age of 10, but really felt a passionate draw toward teaching in her mid 20s. After exploring many styles of practice she opened Hard Core Yoga, a strength based vinyasa studio, in her hometown of Eugene, OR in 2011.


Her first love is vinyasa flow, where the asanas & breath come together to create a moving meditation. Chelsea believes the true gift of this practice lies in learning to flow with ease, peace, and presence when the physical practice is challenging.


She never shies away from strength-based core work and kick butt inversions, but always looks for the yin and fluidity to that type of asana yang. This blend of styles has lead her to work with many athletes, developing and teaching sport-specific classes for several University of Oregon athletic teams as well as many professional athletes ranging from runners to MLB pitchers.


Whether she is working with yoga beginners or elite athletes, Chelsea's goal is always to allow the practice to support, enhance, and add joy to the lives of her students.


"There is no better feeling than watching a student grow in the process of their practice. Sometimes it is relief from chronic pain or injury, sometimes it's catching a float in handstand, sometimes it is embracing pranayama and meditation as a way to cope with anxiety...but it's ALL yoga. Being able to facilitate the beginning of this journey with my students and supporting them along the path has been a tremendous source of joy that I am always grateful to experience."




Committed to the idea that yoga should be fun, Arielle's teaching offers a balance of play, laugh and sweat, with an emphasis on alignment and breath. Yoga has played a significant role in Arielle’s life, and her passion is sharing the healing, strengthening and empowering practice. Completing a 200hr Yoga Alliance certified teacher training at the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, CA, was a profound experience. The wealth of knowledge she received from teachers Ganga White and Tracey Rich, and her many yoga teachers, are the foundation of her instruction









After finishing graduate school at the University of Oregon, and working in the mental health field, Tammy found her work/life balance was being thrown off center. Like many Type A personalities, practicing yoga became a perfect way to reduce stress, build strength, rehabilitate a lingering knee injury from years of competitive gymnastics and distance running, while giving her the peace of mind she craved. Tammy's gymnastics background drew her into vinyasa yoga because of the strength based, continuous flow sequencing and because she is a self-proclaimed anatomy and inversion junkie who has yet to find a handstand or arm balance she does not love. With the encouragement of close friends and family, she decided to work with internationally celebrated yoga teacher, Tiffany Cruikshank, to complete her 200-RYT certified vinyasa training, and to share her love of yoga, the stillness it has brought into her life, and most importantly, to share the life changing physical and mental benefits with as many individuals as possible.







Jessica came to yoga as a way to physically and mentally recover from training for a marathon. She quickly became drawn to the state of mind and physical awareness that followed a yoga class and she wanted to help others experience the same. She completed her 200 hour training with Tiffany Cruikshank and the Yoga Medicine team in February 2014. While Jessica focuses on anatomy and alignment, she believes that connecting movement with the breath is the foundation for the physical aspect of yoga.









Tara Burke is inspired by the way yoga unites us to the present moment, with an how yoga fuels our ability to connect with our true selves and live in higher integrity in this world off the mat. Tara Burke is certified as a 200 HR YTT through Shasta Yoga Center with Amy Cooper, focusing specifically on the alignment restorative practice,Iyengar Yoga. She has also done over 300 hrs of intensive training withVinyasa-based Prana flow yogini, Shiva Rea. She likes to cultivate her practice with the changing of the seasons and how just like with all things, we can always strive for balance.









Tiffani is a native Oregonian, recently moved back from Scottsdale, AZ where she spent the last 5 years teaching yoga in the desert. She is certified with Yoga Alliance 200 hour YTT from Inner Vision Yoga. She enjoys teaching fun, yet challenging vinyasa style classes, with a focus on building strength, flexibility and awareness in a safe and inspired environment. She believes the most important aspect to building a safe and sustainable yoga practice are listening to your own body, when we listen and truly feel, we empower ourselves on and off our mats! Our practice, much like our lives is constantly changing and evolving and when we move mindfully with breath and intention we show up powerfully in our lives. Tiffani as well believes that yoga is not just about the physical body; she enjoys weaving in energetic themes to keep us aware and fun music to keep everyone smiling! Yoga means unity and Tiffani believes that yoga is for everyone, she enjoys sharing her love for the practice with her students, regardless of your age, experience level, ability and why you personally choose to step on your mat everyday, yoga is ultimately about tapping into your authenticity, opening your heart and transferring that into leading a transformational and inspired life in all that you do!



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